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Why GoHundred?

With powerful analytics you will learn what people say about your brand, trends and your competitors on social media and the web.

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How it works

1. Sign up

2. Choose 5 keywords to monitor your campaign 

3. Use your Dashboard to monitor campaigns on social media and the web

4. Integrate Slack or email to receive updates

5. Export your data to Excel to work with it

How does GoHundred work with Slack

You can integrate your campaigns into Slack with a paid plan.
You will be able to receive the same data from your GoHundred dashboard into any Slack channel that you choose.
This way you will always be alerted when people mention you or your brand.

Follow this guide to install GoHundred into your Slack channel:

   Install Slack by consulting the user menu on the right inside your dashboard (after you have logged in).
   Choose "Install Slack" 
   Choose which campaign you wish to add to Slack.
   Now a window will ask you to choose which Slack channel you wish to receive your campaigns in.
   To finally enable Slack, click Allow.

Use Cases

You are a student or an academic
doing research

- Research popularity of topics and opinions
- Analyze human communication and Social
Media patterns

You are a blogger or influencer
looking to grow your online presence

- Find out who talks about you and your brand
- Find new competitors in your field
- Find new companies to influence for

You are part of a startup team
looking to grow and learn about your market

- Find out who talks about your brand and company
- Find trending topics and opinions
- Find new competitors in your industry

You are part of an enterprise
looking to stay ahead in your industry

- Find out who talks about your brand and company
- Find trending topics and opinions
- Find new competitors in your industry


Pay as you go

EUR 8 per campaign (billed monthly)

5 keywords per campaign

Get minimum 1K data per month

Slack integration

Excel file export

12-hour update

What People Say about GoHundred


Brand Manager

GoHundred has made staying ahead in our industry easier. When you know what is going on, it is easier to make fact-based decisions.



Before GoHundred we would just browse and spend hours finding this data. Now we can save precious time and do what we really want: To grow our company



As a marketer in a large enterprise I will definitely recommend GoHundred to other companies.